Welcome to Lady J Sport Fishing
​we are the experts in Fishing Cape Cod!
Your Captain

We have been in business for around 40 years and we own the largest fishing boat in the Cape Cod Bay fishing Charters. The boat's name is Lady J and she is owned by our founder Captain Philip Caliri. 

He started out as a part-timer working on the Bay 3 days in a week. Then he took out some colleagues on the tour of the Bay and eventually to go fishing. His friends started to ask him often to guide them through the waters of the bay that eventually he made a profession out of it. Now he works full time as the Captain of his fishing boat and is recognized as a licensed Ocean Operator and a member of the Cape Cod Charter Boat Association. He is an expert in Strip Fishing and Hyannis Fishing Cape Cod. 

He established this business so that he can help family and friends receive a full experience of fishing as a professional and recreational sport. He loves seeing children learn the sport at a young age and enjoys it when the adults get their first big catch while on his boat. He gives free tips on how to do Barnstable Fishing Cape Cod while you are enjoying your time on Lady J.

Part of what he loves about his business is that fishing has brought him so many lifelong friends who keep coming back to the Bay. He is hoping to make new ones if you decide to drop by and register with us for this unique fishing experience. 

“I want you to come back again and will do all in my power to see that you do. On every trip I make, it is my deepest wish that this one catches the biggest fish of the year. I do everything I can to make it happen, or if it doesn’t, that you have a great day aboard the Lady J”.
-Captain Philip Caliri

The Lady J
The, “Lady J”, is a 38 foot, fiberglass, Sportfisherman. She is meticulously maintained, and is the pride of her owner, Captain Philip Caliri. Her engine power is reliable and fast. She boasts a spacious 120 sq. ft. deck with 4 fighting chairs, and her fly bridge can accommodate 3 individuals along with her Captain. She has an inside cabin equipped with a kitchenette and lavatory. The, “Lady J”, is U.S. Coast Guard licensed and certified, (fitted with premium safety equipment), and is equipped with full electronics and the latest technologies of the industry. Her fishing equipment is paramount and not aged.
​Along with her crew, the, “Lady J”, can accommodate parties of up to 6 individuals. Whether fishing, or enjoying the beauty of the Cape Cod Bay, your party is sure to find the, “Lady J”, clean, comfortable, and enjoyable!